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Who's Terri?

We Need A Kidney

Who's Terri?

Terri is the love of my life! She means the world to me. She is an awesome quilter. She loves our kids and our cats (almost the same as the kids).

Home hemodialysis

Our History

We Need A Kidney

Who's Terri?

Two years ago, Terri was diagnosed with End-Stage renal failure. We were shocked at first.  Terri was determined to do whatever it took to be a successful candidate for a kidney transplant.

She got a fistula in her arm and we are now on home hemodialysis.


We Need A Kidney

We Need A Kidney

We Need A Kidney

After many tests and procedures, Terri has finally been placed on the National Transplant Registry.  If we wait for a random "cadaver" donor, the estimated wait is 3-5 years.

If we find a matched "live" donor, we can go as soon as tomorrow. 

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Thank you for taking the time to review our website.

It is a very humbling experience to "advertise" for someone to consider donating a kidney.

Feel free to forward this website to others!

PLEASE post this website to your various social media platforms.  I know if we spread the word, we can find a kidney for Terri.

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Our "Kidney Message Phone" is 801-988-9653

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